"I Believe In God But Heaven And Hell Are Not Real To Me" – Actress, Efia Odo Speaks

Actress and tv show host Efia Odo has dismissed the Christian idea of heaven and hell.

Ghana, as an extremely Christian nation, has a whole lot of citizens who believe in heaven and hell as the gospel truth and can’t wait to enter heaven and see all their enemies rotting in hell.

It’s one of the sweetest Ghanaian Christian traditions – wishing hell on your ‘enemies’ even though Christ said ‘love your enemies’.

No one seems to spot the contradiction.

Anyway Efia Odo, who is showing some intellectual rigour on this subject, has rejected the claim that heaven and hell exist.

According to her, whilst she does believe in God, she does not believe in those two places.

She wrote on Twitter: “I believe in God. Heaven and hell aren’t places to me. No one has been there to know. If you lived and honest and good life, when you die your soul will be at peace. If you lived the opposite then your soul will be tormented.”


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