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Regina Daniels Movies: Top 10 Most Viewed On Youtube

regina daniels movies

Today, Akwa TV brings to you the top 10 Regina Daniels movies of 2019. The most viewed on YouTube.

If you have watched any of her movies that are not listed, please share with us.

Regina Daniels Movies: Most Viewed On Youtube

Magic Forest

Magic Forest movies with Regina Daniels, Zubby Michael, Junior Pope and Chigozie Nwoye. Here is one of the most viewed Nollywood movies on YouTube.

Legion of the Dark World

This is another latest nollywood movie that featured Daniels. Also one of the most watched Nigerian Nollywood movies on YouTube.

The Evil Forest Hunt

If you are yet to watch The Evil Forest Hunt, then you will agree with me that this is one of the best Regina Daniels movies after watching it.

Queen of the Black River

Daniels reflection of God-given talent shows in this Queen of the Black River movie. The movie is one of the most viewed Nollywood/African movies on YouTube.

Royal Star

Royal Star movie featured Regina is also the most watched Nigerian movies on YouTube.

The Ghost Orphan Called Amanda

Also on the top 10 list of Nigerian movies is The Ghost Orphan Called Amanda, the most viewed nollywood movie on YouTube.

No Mercy

No Mercy movie is also on the list of Daniels most viewed movies on YouTube.

Banished Sisters

Banished Sisters movie is Daniels fans most watched Nigerian movies on YouTube.

Omalingo – The Royal Baby

Also on the list of the best Daniels movies of 2019 and most viewed movie on YouTube is Omalingo – The Royal Baby.

The Scorpion Queen

The Scorpion Queen movie is the last but not the least of the most viewed Regina Daniels movies on YouTube.

Feel free to share the ones you watched on YouTube and there are not listed here.


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