Samson Siasia does not deserve to be abandoned NOW!

I can hardly recognize the present-day Nigeria from the country I was born into, grew up in, and served in my own little ways.

Beyond politics, corruption and poor governance that have raped and left this abundantly rich and blessed country prostrate with poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy, millions of jobless youths, ethnic crisis, kidnappings, senseless internecine killings, and more, I find that we have arrived at the final frontier, that point beyond which there can be no redemption –  our humanity. Where, when, how did we become such a completely dehumanized people without love and compassion for each other?

Everything about the Nigerian could fail but not the spirit of community and concern for the weak, the afflicted, and the aged in society.

Nigerians welcomed strangers with open arms, treated them without discrimination, like kings and queens, and provided for them an atmosphere where they could flourish even at the expense of their own people. That was the Nigeria of old.

Suddenly those values are disappearing fast.

I am forced again to write about Samson Siasia.



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