They imitated Steve Nash’s Dunk

steve nash and andre drummond

They imitated Steve Nash to Andre Drummond dunk. Watch, download and share!

There are so many controversies around the above question, but according to Mr. Heiman, the 2 times MVP winner can probably dunk at 6′ 3′.

Nash graduated from Santa Clara as the team’s unequaled pioneer in helps and was taken as the fifteenth pick in the 1996 NBA draft by the Phoenix Suns.

He had insignificant effect and was sold out to the Dallas Mavericks in 1998.

Steve Nash, in full Stephen John Nash, (born February 7, 1974, Johannesburg, South Africa), South African-born Canadian basketball player who is considered to be one of the greatest point guards in National Basketball Association (NBA) history.

Nash never won a championship as a player, joining Karl Malone as the only two-time MVP without a title during his career. However, Nash will receive a ring through the 2017 Golden State Warriors due to his work as a player development consultant, a deserved reward for an incredible career.

NBA Hall of Famer Nash is a longtime Tottenham Hotspur fan. Between his ownership stake in the MLS’ Vancouver Whitecaps and his background of playing soccer, Nash is a huge supporter of the sport. … “I’m too old to be crying over football,” Nash said as the video got played back to him.

Steve Nash announces his retirement from the NBA. … Two-time MVP Nash’s NBA career is officially over. Nash, who has not played for the Los Angeles Lakers this season because of nerve damage in his back, announced his retirement on “The Players’ Tribune.”

Steve Nash ranks 21st among NBA players by total career regular-season three-point field goals made (1,685). The top 10 National Basketball Association career 3-point scoring leaders are: Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Stephen Curry, Kyle Korver, Jason Terry, Jamal Crawford, Vince Carter, Paul Pierce, Jason Kidd, Joe Johnson.







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